• 4.8mm 1570Mpa prestressing wire

    4.8mm 1570Mpa prestressing wire

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    Material: alloy steel 30MnSi

    Size: 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 7.1mm, 9.0mm, 10.7mm, 12.6mm

    Standard: YB/T111, GB/T5223.3, JISG3137, KSD3505

    Tensile Strength: 1420MPa min; Yield strength: 1280MPa min

    Elongation 5.0% min, Straightness less than 2.0mm/m

    Normal Relaxation: 4.0% max, Low Relaxation: 2.0% max

    Feature: good properties for lap welding and heat forging, low relaxation, comprehensive mechanical properties.

    Usage: PC bars mainly used in prestressed concrete pipe pile (PC piles), electric pole (PC poles), railway sleeper etc.

    Packing: in rolls, each roll is strapped by steel strips and wrapped in anti-rust PP woven sheet; Package Weight: 1000-2000kgs


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