• Prestressed Concrete

    Prestressed Concrete

    Prestressed Concrete has become a widely used technology in the field of construction especially those large span project, such as bridges and parking garages, since an American engineer patented the idea of prestressed concrete more than 100 years ago.


    As we know, horizontal?concrete structure suffered two?strengths from two different directions, one is gravity and the other is tension at the each side. Compared with conventional reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete can resist much stronger compressive stress by the balanced effect of high-strength steel tendons in a concrete member.


    Prestressed concrete now is the most durable and reliable construction material, because the span and load are not the most troubled limitation problems any more and?allows the architects and engineers make more creative design. Accordingly, designers also can finish the same construction with less material than before that reduces the cost.


    There’re more than 30 bridges, which the length reach to several kilometers, even dozens of kilometers in China. All of them applied prestressed concrete structure, among them QINGDAO BAY BRIDGE is the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world so far, with the length of?36.48 km, build up by 50 or 60 meters prestressed concrete box girder. Its longest span is Cangkou Channel Bridge which is 260m in length.


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